ottawa running club

Top Ten Reasons
to Join the ORC

  1. We make sure your training is fun.  When it's fun, it gets done.
  2. We donate $10,000 per year (the membership fees) to help others.
  3. Zero intimidation level.  You'll feel right at home. We are just like you.
  4. There are as many as 3 club runs a week.
  5. Ours is THE best learner program in Ottawa.
  6. The track workouts produce personal bests every week.
  7. We have THE coolest club shirts around.
  8. Where better for a pre and post run hangout than Bridgehead.
  9. Have a question?  The coach is there every workout.  Ask away.
  10. Make new friends that will last a lifetime.  We have.

Video Tips

ORC Head Coach Geordie McConnell

Canadian Olympian Dylan Wykes


September 19, 2014

@FitnessFFreedom I'd have to see it before sharing.

September 16, 2014

We couldn't agree more!

September 14, 2014

Our thanks to @SimonBairu. “The end result may not have been satisfying, but at least I have that peace of mind,...

September 14, 2014

After a summer of triathlon, I can't wait to get back to run club tomorrow and work with our latest Start Smart group!