ottawa running club

Top Ten Reasons
to Join the ORC

  1. We make sure your training is fun.  When it's fun, it gets done.
  2. We donate all of our membership fees to help others.
  3. Zero intimidation level.  You'll feel right at home. We are just like you.
  4. There are as many as 3 club runs a week.
  5. Ours is THE best learner program in Ottawa.
  6. The track workouts produce personal bests every week.
  7. We have THE coolest club shirts around.
  8. Where better for a pre and post run hangout than Bridgehead.
  9. Have a question?  The coach is there every workout.  Ask away.
  10. Make new friends that will last a lifetime.  We have.

Video Tips

ORC Head Coach Geordie McConnell

Canadian Olympian Dylan Wykes


November 23, 2014

Congrats to everyone who conquered The Hill this morning as part of our annual fall free 5 and 10. #jabofofar

November 23, 2014

Course check complete. We're on, with some tweeks. #jabofofar #thehill

November 22, 2014

13 minutes. In return, a lifetime's appreciation for the ability to run.

November 18, 2014

Yes, it's true: running is good for your knees. Just don't overdo it.